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by Nicole Kidman

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1, 2, 8, 14 - nicole kidman

Screen-printed album art
glow in the dark, ltd. 100
Kerchow Records



released October 31, 2014

The Lowered, Old Hack, File Island, Suzy's Dead, Casey Chisholm, Morgue Toad, Restaurnaut, Math, Kerchow Records and Paul Lundstrom



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Nicole Kidman Fresno, California

home recordings
Limited run physical releases on various formats since 2007.

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Track Name: Bone Glitch Altar (Morgue Toad remix)
(I am the product of your time spent well)
(please be gentle)
Track Name: The Lowered - He Criez
Talking about things
just to stay alive
Reading about stuff
That has nothing to do with life
Talking about things
just to stay alive
Pull out your knife
stab some guy 36 times
just to see if he cries
he cries.
he cries..
he cries...

Feeling all sorts of dead inside
Walking into rooms
that have no real effect
on the day or time
or matter in which
I will die
Track Name: Old Hack - Plus I'll be dead
What's the procedure to an unfinished thought
started this morning spilling over to eight o clock
WIthout any sign of concluding soon
I'm really feeling all kinds of lost
sitting in this chair
but i could just fall off
lie on the ground
my face sitting in a pile of
Dreams of gullotines
chopping off my head
heard it dont hurt much
plus i'll be dead
eyelids shut
and i'll be dead
my veins closed
and i'll be dead
Track Name: File Island - Obsess
I'm staring down at the floor
& I'm thinking of you
Beacuse you're on my mind
I feel like I am dying
and I just cannot stop crying oh fucking shit
I'm so glad it's you i found
why do you always got to be around
coud you go away
I'll turn off my tv screen
but you'll follow me in my dream
i'll keep on dreaming

is this love or obsess
is this love or obsess
i dont know
Track Name: Math - Nods to nothing
If there's one thing that I know is it's not safe to be at home
when you feel like shit on the inside
you'll break out a pen and write it all out once again
your top 10 reasons to live through morning
i'll push myself but ill just nod to nothing, i know
i cant keep talking onto sheets but a friend is a friend is a ghost
you'll break into sweat thinking of things to forget
and slam your head into a fridge
your hands grip your head as you hang out on a ledge
and think about the serenity of death
my new friend and us, "~*~*"
he's sharing stories of his own
he shines mint green as he tells his stories of everything
as he sings about the things that i wouldn't ever have known
Oh yah ill just nod to nothing, i know
but its a nod to nothing that helps me to feel less alone
and I'll tell myself that its a nod to nothing so i know
Im sorry cruel fate could you please leave my head alone
Track Name: Casey Chisholm - Life is what you make it
Have no regrets because every relationship
leads you to where you're meant to be
stand on your own two feet and learn
from the things you think you're doing right
try and not to hope for things
you know just wont ever change
one of these days you'll see exactly what it's like
to go completely insane, but today's not the day,
today you're feeling really ok
Track Name: Mycroft Holmes - KMS
You say the girls in our class
whisper that you're going to fail
say your clothes dont match
They don't like your face
They all want you to change

But your hair is not a mess
I think it's static from the air
The stains on your dress
Make you look pretty cool
The faces that they make
They can all just shove them up their ass
Because you're beautiful
Because you're beautiful 2 me
Track Name: Hermit Convention - Thirst for god
Like the deer that pants for the flowing stream
my heart cries out for the spirit of god,
like an elephant caught on a railroad track
i know i ought to run,
but like the house that sees a tornado coming
i tell myself, "oh man, oh man",
because I'm planted to this floor
I can't go nowhere.
Like my brother swigging toilet cleaner in the middle of the night
i'm ready to go the hell out of this place.
Track Name: Suzy's Dead - 20 million things
I'm not going to lose to all this yet
There's too many things in my heart to forget
Like the 3 years I spent learning how to play trombone
Retracing my steps and defending my soul
The color of your eyes and the shape of your nose
Lying in my bed and I'm losing control
Over 20 million things that I don't know
Staring at the horizon with thoughts of death
Pouring out my heart to a computer and a desk
because everyone I know just really couldn't care less
If I died on this carpet or at some shitty house show
Track Name: Restaurnaut - Life really sucks
When you call it's always so nice
to hear things are going so right in your life.
You're always wondering the news with my life,
but i think that you know what's expected,
because you know how i'm awfully defected,
life really sucks.

But what's this new rock'n'roll band you ask me
We Quit and I like AM
but you're still too quiet to show how lately you've used this time to grow
and I am just a bit too slow
well growing up is kind of hard
when you have no car
and all the things you like just die
either that or i'm just an excuse gai