"I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" (cass comp)

by Nicole Kidman




.........."I know why they call it pop: vol 2"..........
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Whats the procedure
....to an unfinished thought
Started this morning
...spilling over to eight o clock
Without any signs of
...concluding soon

Really starting to feel all kinds of lost
Sitting in this chair
but I could just fall off,
Lie on the ground,
my face sitting in a pile of socks (pile of socks)
...pile of socks

Dreams of guillotines chopping off my head
Heard it don’t hurt much, plus I’ll be dead
Eyelids shut and I’ll be dead
My veins closed up and I’ll be dead
(and I’ll be dead)


^^ above link to hear "I Know why they call it pop: vol 1"
w/ Sloane Peterson, The Only Ghost In Town, Sure Toss, Stars Are Insane, Blanket Truth, Jerk Weed....


released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Nicole Kidman Fresno, California

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Limited run physical releases on various formats since 2007.

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